paul corpus | the everyday of our lives.

about the artist

paul is a graphic designer based in Toronto. his works are mainly mental dialogues from home he has left behind juxtaposed in random lines and splashes color. paul's art works are his release from what he call the monotony of his work in computer and digital design. 

paul took art studies in a local art school in davao, philippines, the city of his birth. while still based there, paul's works were mainly installations and conceptual art peppered with the politics of then. 

Ever since moving to Toronto, he decided to limit his works on paper due to the economics of space exploring themes of immigrant faces and what goes on in the stillness of night and early mornings. recently, while he was on a work assignment in a golf club, paul saw collections of digital art exhibit in it's gallery, then on, paul decided to venture in digital art. all these, while it maybe a cold technology, it still is of use. so it's a full circle, found he.